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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Uses Of Android Tv Boxs In Pakistan -

Uses Of Android Tv Boxs In Pakistan -

 hey what's up guys I'm hamza and you're readind hamza Tech Reviews today I've got my hands on another brand new Android TV box so this is the Probox2 Air Plus Android TV box so this is their latest model and it runs an octa-core processor so as usual I'll be running a series of real-time tests to find out how well this box performs so let's begin with the specs I'll put the specs on the screen so you guys can have a quick read so this has the s9 one - octa-core cpu running at two gigahertz you've got the Mallee 820 running at 750 megahertz you've got three gigs of DDR for RAM 16 gigs of internal storage dual band Wi-Fi supporting BGN and AC.

      Bluetooth version for Android version 6 marshmallow supports Ultra HD 4k videos at 60 frames per second supports HDR 10 + h LG HDR so this is everything you get in the box so if we begin with the instructions you've got an instruction manual for the remote plus you've got another set of instructions and stuff here so that's all good this also comes with a HDMI cable a UK power adapter okay the wireless antenna here and you this also comes with two remote control so first of all you've got the standard remote yeah full-featured remote control with loads of shortcuts and stuff and we'll see how we get on with this so this also comes with it so this is the pro box - Remote Plus and it's their signature remote it comes with it it takes only two triple A batteries 

         it's a mouse so you use it with the dongle you've got a USB dongle here you plug this into the box and this will give you great functionality you've even got a mic built in so you can do voice search but if you tilt this to the right this turns into a gains controller so I will be testing this out and I'll give you guys my feedback at the end okay last but not least the actual pro box - err plus Wow I've reviewed their previous model and I have to say that was a very well-made awesome product now this one this one actually feels even better it's very premium quality the feel of it is just solid it feels so good in the hands so you got a matte finish here with a nice shiny no the pro box -

           at the front you've got an LED indicator light and on the right you have the Wi-Fi antenna which I will just screw it in very quickly that is it now on the back of the unit you've got a power socket a USB port HDMI port you've got the network LAN port an s/pdif optical connection if we keep going we've got a USB port and a micro SD card slot and we're back to the front of the unit this is what the bottom looks like so this feels like a quite a small unit I bring in the TX 5 Pro and we can quickly compare this this will give you an idea of the size okay this is smaller than the TX 5 Pro cool and that's roughly the same size and thickness I hope that gives you an idea of the size so I'm going to hook this up to my TV and we're going to find out how well this box performs so here is the home screen for the probe look there - 

Android Tv Box

           what I wanted to show you guys straightaway was this remote plus it's a standard looking remote control but it's got an added benefit of an air mouse if you hit this button here and if you see on the screen there's an air mass you just wave around similar to how the Nintendo Wii works you can select anything you like with the red button and it was selected so this remote control is actually very easy to use and it will enhance your user experience so here is the home screen and as you can see you've got all of these shortcuts here on the left first of all if I click it it will open up Media Center so it's their version of Kodi and it runs on a back-end of Kodi 16.1 Jarvis

           now you've got a shortcut here for Google Play and you've got a task killer when you press it it would just kill all the tasks that you have open so you have a custom shortcuts here all of these shortcuts can be edited so what you do is you click on it and it's already going to have some apps on this for example Netflix and Kodi already on there you can press the plus sign you can add and remove more apps from here so if I go back the same applies to favorites same applies to all the rest of these icons if we go into the app drawer these are all the apps currently on the system I have not installed anything yet this is what you get as standard so you can see you've got quite a few useful apps on there but you have the Google Play Store and you're free to download thousands of games and apps for free from the Play Store 

             so let's go back you have a shortcut bar at the bottom again you can customize these and you can add all your favorite apps and as required another thing I like to show you about this box is it has two different home screens so this is your first main home screen that I just showed you if you click on here you have something called the pro box 2x launcher so if I click it this is what it looks like so it's more of a remote control multi media orientated home screen some people may find these big icons are more easy to use so yeah at least you have the option it's fully functional it gives you access to all the apps and all the features but with the icons much larger so easier to see okay and if you click on the home button on the remote you'll be taken back to the original home screen 

Computer, Console, Controller, Game

          so you have an option there which is good so the first thing I'm going to be testing is playing 4k videos from a USB Drive so I've plugged in my USB Drive and I'm going to open Kodi Media Center these are my 4k video samples I have a few HD trailers in here as well so let's begin the first 4k video in so there you have it guys that was the 4k video samples from Cody now I'm going to move on to a youtube test so I'm just going to set the quality to 1080p and then we're going to play these videos Sup guys I'm Chigz and you are watching Chigz Tech Reviews and today I've got my hands on an awesome looking 2 in 1 laptop which has the same screen used in the latest 2017 Microsoft Surface book.

   but this one of them in the world inside your phone for everyone is expected to air one way their whole life how my machine and I'm supposed to be a man and masks look here my problem is I have more than one emotions like this out huh please tell me you weren't laughing just now all of human history as lead for this mom so that was a YouTube test let's move on now to some gaming test so I've just gone ahead and installed all my favorite games and apps we're going to proceed with the gaming test and we're going to begin with Real Racing 3 so this is the game controller I use for all my android TV games this is the g600 controller I'll put the links in the description box below so you can check it out let's continue with the game test in this game I'm using the Remote Plus as a controller you just tilt it horizontally.

      like I have and you press the game controller on and you see that I'm paying okay and it works really well quite comfortable so I am using my hotel broadband and as you can see so this TV box has achieved a total download speed of twenty point three five an upload speed of twenty six point three eight megabits per second the pro box to air plus has achieved a total benchmark score of forty thousand four hundred and thirty nine so let's see how that compares to the others so this is my top benchmark performance chart where you can compare all the Android TV boxes that.

Children, Tv, Child, Television, Home             I have reviewed to date higher the score better the overall performance so there you have it the pro box two air plus has gone into position eight with a total benchmark score of forty thousand four hundred and thirty nine it will be interesting to see which TV box I review next and what overall score it will achieve I'm still waiting for a box that can match or beat the Nvidia shield stay tuned and subscribe for more reviews like this one so that was the pro box two air plus TV box I'm quite impressed with the build quality and I absolutely love the interface this TV box has two custom launches included and I love the layout and customization options for the shortcuts both remote controls that come with this package are absolutely amazing but the one that stands out for me is definitely the remote plus the remote plus is an amazing remote control it actually is very responsive it doubles up as an air mouse and you can also use it as a game controller.

        I really enjoyed using this and the best thing about this controller is you can use it on any Android TV box this is probably the best air mouse I've ever used with an Android TV box I was able to play 4k video streaming HD movies and play a number of games and everything was a very smooth and enjoyable experience that being said I would leave the links in the description for you guys to check out and if you liked it you can go ahead and purchase one for yourselves I hope you enjoyed the article and found it useful thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have a brilliant day 

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